Today people value speed and simplicity. What if you could have at glance, everything you need online in a user friendly interface ? Adapting to every device you use. Connect yourself to another company or business !

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Petty cash management

Petty Cash

Have a quick overview of your petty cash position whatever currency you are using

  • Multi-currency

Incoming invoices and outgoing invoices


Know exactly what you owe and what people owe you! Ensure you have a proper tool to manage your exposure

  • Open amounts
  • Short, mid and long term view
  • Top 5 vendors
  • Top 5 clients
  • Risk exposure, credit granted and obtained

Trending & financial performance

Financial performance

Know your financial performance! View your situation by business division/location.

  • Have quick year-to-date view
  • Drill down to see the first level of details
  • Have a view per dimensions

Personal and team tasks


Keep an eye on your own tasks and make sure you don’t forget one!

  • All the tasks attributed to you
  • All company’s tasks

Manage your travel expense

Travel Expenses

Manage your travel expenses organization wide and monitor the expense level

HR - human resource


The basic information for each staff member in one place, improve the payroll information available and track any change

  • Last updates at glance
  • Seeing the incomplete forms helps you chasing up information

Connect your clients companies


Check all your connexions and managed them easily

  • Connect any company on IODD
  • Easy connexion process with our Connexion ID system
  • Manage your connexions easily (pending and running connexions)