WHAT if there was a better way
to keep an eye on your business ?

  • Improve financial process and control
  • Allow visibility and transparency
  • Ability to work at a global level
  • Multi-location
  • Multi-currency

How can IODD work for you ?

A. if you have a fiduciary taking care of your accounts

  1. If they already use IODD, create your company and request a link with your fiduciary. Once accepted, you have real time access to your numbers

  2. If they don’t use IODD yet, create your account and invite them to use IODD

IODD allows you to have a complete view on your numbers to help you making the right decision, to structure your organization and reduce administrative task. It streamlines many processes.

B. if you have your own accounting department using an ERP or accounting software

  1. Create your account. As a super user you will get all info to set up your compatible system

IODD is the easy way to access information without request to your back office, letting them focus on their job. No need to be trained on a complex system such as an ERP to have useful reports and meaningful numbers.

C. Today you take care of your administration yourself and outsourcing might be a solution

  1. Find a Fiduciary partner using IODD to take care of your business

  2. Create your account

We propose various partners using IODD.

Entrepreneur with many companies ?

A. 1. Connect to all your companies and have an overview with one login

IODD help serial entrepreneur involved in many structure to keep an eye on each one of them, independently of the back office structure. Having a single entry point, helps to streamline and gather all useful information in one place.