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Banking (Coming soon)

Multiple bank accounts


Have an overview at glance

  • All in one place
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Trending reports


    Trending reports / PDF & EXCEL exports, full details and more

  • Bills & invoices worflow


    Invoices details, PDF, Powerfull search bar and more

  • Task manager, deadline, participants


    Deadline, Confidental Tasks, History, comments and more

  • Travel expenses


    Streamlined process, Categorized expenses, Currency auto conversion, and more

  • Human resources management


    "Force HR" option, Dynamic form, PDF export, and more

ERP / Accounting System

To connect your system to IODD, you will need to implement the export tool (see today’s compatible systems)on your system. This facility will transfer the required XML data. The transfer is done through a highly secure FTPS channel, each super user will receive a link, login and password to transfer data.

This system only allows to export user data to IODD. These files will then be processed by IODD to display the information.


Invoices are normally also exported by the ERP or accounting system. However it is possible to set a different source.

In order to benefit from the “PDF attached to invoices”, you need to have a DMS (Document management system) in place, as the individual PDF’s are sent to the FTP. For more details please contact us.

Banking (Coming soon)

Currently the banking connections only work for Swiss banks (see list of banks available) Crealogix, as a partner, secures all banking movements. They provide all the security of the connection through a web service.
Once connected to IODD, you will be prompted to create the different accounts with your bank and request the necessary documents through our system. Documents will be sent to you directly by your bank, for signature by the authorized individual (s). In a second step, the bank will provide you with the security key to be introduce into IODD.
A step-by-step process will assist you.