Improve the relationship
& create value for your clients business !

  • Add value to your client's relationship
  • Improve service level to your clients
  • Allow client financial implication
  • Increase control process
  • Collaboration between service provider and client

How can IODD work for you ?

A. Taking care of many clients?

  1. Create all your employees and give them rights

  2. Connect all your clients

  3. Attribute your clients to your employees

IODD will help you to manage easily and have an overview of all your clients in one place. Help your manager to have access to their client’s data and remain up to date. IODD will also improve your internal process and client relation management.

B. Taking care of your own fiduciary

  1. Create your account, as a super user you will get all the info to set up your compatible system

  2. Setup your system and you will be up and running

Its great to take care of client, but it remains important to keep an eye on your own financial. IODD allows you to have one single entry point and a single layout to visualize your company, as your clients.


A. Providing your client a full outsourced service on your own system

  1. Create your account on IODD

  2. If they don’t use IODD yet, invite them to use IODD

  3. Request their ID connexion to create a connexion, request access to their data

  4. Request their FTP account info to setup your system

IODD offers you the opportunity to involve your clients and to give them a complete view on their numbers to help them making the right decision, to structure their organization and reduce administrative task. It streamlines many processes and improves their control and involvement.

B. Your client is using his own ERP/accounting system

  1. If they don’t use IODD yet, invite them to use IODD

  2. Request their connexion ID to create a connexion, request access to their data

  3. They set up their FTP account info in their system

IODD will improve communication and shorted the decision path right away. Even though your client has his own accounting, you will be able to keep track and remain updated.