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Terms & conditions

IODD™ is developed by IODD SA, Geneva a software solution to optimize the services offered to its customers in terms of administrative, accounting and financial management of their business.

IODD™ allows, in particular, to consolidate data and to share files electronically while providing secure access to customers.


1. Purpose
These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions of use of the electronic platform IODD™ by natural and legal persons who subscribed access to this service (hereinafter "Users").

2. Acceptance of terms by users
User access to IODD™ is subject to registration and online acceptance of our Terms of Use.

By creating a new company within your account, you accept these current terms to be applied on the new companies created.

Users agree that IODD SA modifies the conditions of use of the platform. Users will have 15 days from notification IODD SA, to demonstrate their refusal to adhere to these new terms by requesting by mail cancellation of registration on the platform at below address:

Rue de Neuchâtel 8
1201 Genève

In the absence of rejection, these changes will be deemed to have been tacitly accepted by the user.

3. Procedures for registering users
To register on the platform, users complete the registration form available online and accept the terms and conditions of use by clicking on the icon for this purpose.

Users then submit the registration form to IODD SA clicking the tab for this action.

Users undertake to communicate honestly and accurately contact information, email address and any other information deemed necessary or useful for their identification.

Upon receipt, registration and information transferred by the user data is stored by IODD SA conditions to ensure their security and confidentiality.

    3.1 (s) Account (s) -User (s)
When registering a user account, the (s) person (s) who will (have) the power (s) to use the features and services IODD™ should (have) be designated (s).

In the absence of other indications, the user will be deemed to be the representative of the corporation.

    3.2. Safety devices and identification
Access to functionality IODD™ occurs through safety devices adopted by IODD SA, including the combined use of identifiers.

After acceptance of the application by IODD SA, users will be able to access the features of IODD™.

For this purpose, the user receives one or more identification codes and passwords or more depending on the number of user (s) providing access to features and services IODD™.

IDs and passwords are strictly personal and not transferable. Users agree not to disclose to unauthorized third parties, to protect them with the utmost diligence and to immediately notify the SA IODD possible theft, loss or error identifiers.

Users are solely responsible for such required disclosure / use by third parties.

Other safety rules that users are bound listed in Appendix 1 which forms part of these terms and conditions.

4. Features and amenities IODD
    4.1. Technical requirements
IODD SA provides users a secure and accessible tool on a computer to computer network, proprietary or open source and with a recent version of a web browser.

    4.2. Description of the features and services
A description of the features and services available on IODD™ appears on the site https://www.iodd.ch/features/dashboard.

To enable the implementation of certain features and the operation of certain services, the user must set up a contract with its access to banking data through the authorization server systems to their server (s) establishment (s) transfer (s).

The user must also install connector on its ERP or accounting system to allow data to be transferred onto IODD.

    4.3. Cost of benefits
IODD™ benefits are charged as a monthly subscription which the price varies depending on the number of users and links to passives companies.

A complete price list is on the site https://www.iodd.ch/pricing

5. Temporary unavailability of IODD™
IODD SA is not responsible for the temporary unavailability of services especially in case of periodical maintenance, technical incident or force majeure, such as cutting off electricity or telephone lines or network connection due to third, strike, industrial dispute, war, reasons of state or civil or military authorities, embargoes, acts of vandalism and terrorism, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters.

6. Rights of industrial and intellectual property
Bases set up on the site as well as software used to provide the services or granted under license by third parties are the sole property of IODD SA and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights recognized data by applicable law.

Users agree not to upload, reproduce, transmit, sell, exploit, or distribute in whole or in part, in any capacity, content and information available on the platform or received through the access to the site.

7. Protection of personal data of users
The data transmitted by users at the time of registration and subsequently processed by IODD SA in accordance with the Federal Law on Data Protection.

Its users give their consent to the processing of their personal acceptance of this contract by data.

8. The location of data storage
The data processed by IODD SA, including user data are stored on servers located in Zurich, Switzerland.

9. Liability
The user is made aware that the communication of false, inaccurate or incomplete by the user or third parties, including banks, will result in the consolidation and files generated by the platform will be inaccurate, false or incomplete.

IODD SA assumes no obligation to check and disclaims any responsibility for the integrity, veracity and accuracy of the data provided by users or third parties, including banks.

10. Termination of contractual relations
The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. It may be terminated in writing by either party upon one month's notice. In case of justifiable reasons, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect.

11. Evidence Convention
Users acknowledge that clicking on the button "I agree" when validating the Terms of Use IODD™ manifest consent of the user and implies acceptance of said electronic contract that has the same force and the same legal effect of a contract paper coated with a handwritten signature.

Theses terms will be applied on any other company the user may create from within its account.

In case of dispute, the parties may rely for evidence of the Terms of Use IODD™ in electronic format.

The parties agree not to challenge the admissibility, validity, enforceability or the evidential weight of electronic form.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Subject to the terms and conditions, contractual relations between the parties are governed by Swiss law.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation, performance or breach of this subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

APPENDIX 1: Security
Safety rules are adopted to reduce the risk of intrusion on the platform IODD™ and access to confidential by unauthorized third-party data.

Levels of access to IODD™

One person can have "administrator" level for each user account.

That person responsibilities include the administration of identifiers for other access levels and setup the correct attribution of rights for each user.

APPENDIX 2: Key Features and services available on IODD™


• Summary tabular, graphical
• Petty cash; cash management functionality
• Invoices; overall presentation of bills to pay / to receive
• Financial performance; information provided by the accounting client software in xml format
• Task Management
• Travel management
• HR function; employee base sheet
• Connects; links between company management, employees and external consultants


Petty cash
• Allows management of petty cash, with multicurrency reporting function

• Consolidation tool of banking data (function under development)
• Extract banking data of each bank with which the user is connected;
• Consolidated banking information on a single interface presentation;
• Conversion of balances in the currency of the user;
• Download all movements on the account (s) (s);
• Production alerts debit / credit in case of movement;

Cash outlook (function under development)
• Accounting Integration bills to pay and receive;
• Presentation of the consolidated cash flow of the company on a single interface;

• Presentation of bills to pay and receive
• Schedule with deadlines to manage and facilitate cash management.
• Search function on all elements.
• Visualization of bills to pay in PDF format, provided that they will be sent to IODD™

• Monthly financial report with trending and Total Annual
• Ability to drill-down on the operating account.


Task Manager
• Integration of information on projects and pending tasks within the enterprise;
• Production of alerts based on dates;

Travel expenses tool
• Travel and professional fees reporting;
• Approval Process expenses;
• Managing exchange rates (daily update over 150 currency);

Document Manager
• Tool classification, research and archive important documents of the company;
• Allows sharing of documents on a single secure electronic platform;
• Archive of personal records

HR manager
• Tool for Information Management employee base
• Monitoring changes
• Reporting PDF

Time Sheet (feature under development)
• Integration and entering the working time / project management;
• Presentation and statistical work hours per employee / client / project;


• Managing connections with other companies / users on IODD™
• Multi-company management
• User Management
• Setting, base currency, deferred payment, management analytical dimension hour access to IODD™

APPENDIX 3: List price subscriptions
Business subscription: CHF 99 per month
• access to five user / administrator to which all of the features and services IODD™ ™ listed for that package on https://www.iodd.ch/pricing
• user account management and access to other users

Basic subscription: CHF 25 per month
• access to a user all the features and IODD™ services, including the ability of validation

Discovery subscription: free for life
• Limited access to a user to some of the features and IODD™ services, including the ability of validation. To see a complete list of feature available for this package check https://www.iodd.ch/pricing

I have read and accepted the terms and conditions